For Every Turn on Your Motherhood Journey

Discover a world where parenting feels more intuitive, self-care is a daily ritual, and relationships flourish.

As a mom, you balance the world.
It's time to enrich that world with knowledge, care, and connection. 

You Deserve More

You're juggling parenting, personal growth, and maintaining relationships – wondering, is it possible to find balance and fulfillment in each area of your life without striving harder?

Spoiler alert: yes, yes it is.

Picture this

You wave a magic wand and…
You’ve mastered your parenting challenges
You've embedded self-care in every facet of your life
You’re fostering deeper connections, with your partner, friends, and family
…all in harmony with your busy schedule. 
Now, we may not have a magic wand for you, but…

Our Classes and Experts Offer A Proven Path Forward tailored for busy moms like you.

Innovative Parenting Techniques

Discover a blend of traditional wisdom and modern insights that allow fostering independence, empathy, and creativity in children, ensuring they thrive in today's fast-paced world .

Self-Care Strategies

Learn practical self-care strategies that prioritize your well-being, helping you recharge and maintain balance amidst the demands of motherhood and professional life, ensuring you have the energy to care for others.

Relationship Enrichment Practices

Explore effective practices to deepen connections with your partner, children, and community, which strengthen the bonds that form the foundation of a resilient family.
That’s right!

You can leave behind...

the overwhelm of endless parenting advice
guilt over self-care
concerns about stagnant relationships
the anxiety over your child falling behind
the fear of choosing the wrong educational resources, wasting time and money
and the fear of not being good enough! 

Want to start your journey to a more balanced, joyful life?

Yep, this might be the best news you hear all week…

Join Our Classes

Get access to comprehensive online classes designed for moms navigating the journey of parenting, personal well-being, and enriching relationships.

Here's what you get

With our community of like-minded moms and team of experts in mom well-being, health, and parenting, you can easily transform your family life alongside your work and family responsibilities..

Expert Led Classes

Our experts are qualified moms who bring both professional expertise and firsthand experience to deliver deep understanding and practical wisdom to empower you.

Self-Paced Learning

Take control of your learning journey, progressing at your own speed and convenience, feeling confident in your journey of motherhood and personal growth.

Community & Connection

Experience the power of connection and collective wisdom in our group classes, where shared experiences and mutual support foster growth, understanding, and lasting bonds among fellow moms."

Meet Our Experts

Sarah R. Moore

Board Chair for the American Society for the Positive Care of Children
Mom to two kids

DeShawn Wert

Empowerment Coach & Personal Productivity Strategist for Moms
Mom to two kids

Carrie Koziol

Women's Health Expert
Mom to three kids

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What our moms have to say:

"The P.P resources shifted the impact I can have with my coaching clients."

M Dolorez

"Discovering the P.P was a breakthrough moment for me, bringing direction to the work I have been doing over many years,. I am ready for the next level."

G Favale

"Positive Psychology offers every coach, counselor or psychologist a must-have library of professional tools, assessments and engaging activities to assist your clients from all walks of life. "

E Morez

Join Our Classes

Get access to comprehensive online classes designed for moms navigating the journey of parenting, personal well-being, and enriching relationships.
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